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The sleepy North Carolina town’s bed and breakfast, Sisters, is a place for living and knowing, forgiving and trusting… for relationship. The streets are shady, the porches deep, and the beverage of choice is tea. You’re welcome to come and sit a spell! If you do your life just might be the richer.

As Vi waits for the arrival of Cole, she reminisces about the relationships that have made her who she is today. But, her world is about to be turned upside down. These relationships will be stretched and tested. In the end, her friendships will be what give her meaning and joy as she learns that sisters are more than biological.

{Sisters is no longer available on Kindle. It is going through a metamorphosis. I will be re-writing Sister, based on reader feedback, and submitting it for traditional publishing in the near future. Stay tuned!}


Sister to Sister ebook small

In this handbook Beck shares some of the reasons for developing mentoring relationships; as well as the truths and skills necessary to establish and maintain those relationships. If you want to fulfill your purpose as a woman who invests in others this handbook is a great resource! Beck’s passion for seeing women engaged in godly, authentic relationship has been growing over her years in ministry. By sharing her own stories and insights she will help you become equipped for healthy mentoring as well.

Download a copy of Sister to Sister; A Mentor’s Handbook to deepen and enhance your relationships.



Read one of my favorite memories in Chicken Soup for the Soul’s Merry Christmas edition. Circumstances that seem less than ideal often set the stage for extraordinary experiences. Pick up a copy and find out how my family experienced an extra dose of love one Christmas.


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