Meet Beck

Hi, I’m Beck! I’m a mama, a partner, a dreamer, an advocate, a believer, a writer, a laugher, a Jesus lover. I’m always looking for a good story, because I believe words matter! They have power to inspire, comfort, and transform. I want to hear yours, and this is where I share mine.

Nothing is more beautiful than when mercy shows up. My heart gets pumping when I see people spend their strength for the good of those who are weak.

Winter 2014 494

Seventeen years ago my husband and I began church ministry with stars in our eyes, for each other and the church. God has been teaching us bold lessons of love, sacrifice, joy, grace, self-discipline, and submission ever since.

Our son, Max, surprised us five years into our marriage. Children hadn’t been our plan, but God has a sense of humor and great wisdom. Bouncing baby girl, Maggie, joined our family 4 1/2 years later. I wrestle with motherhood. Sometimes wearing it like a second skin, most times like an ill-fitting coat. I’m an accidental mama. Some days I wonder how I got to this hectic place, and then I remember – the grace of God.

Family 2014

Motherhood is a privilege, a responsibility, a gift, a refiners fire. I’m not so sure it’s my calling.

Pounding out words, soaking up beauty, taking risks to spread the news of mercy, advocating for the vulnerable, encouraging women, those things make my heart sing.

Linger and visit often, you are welcome here!

I’d love to hear from you! Feel free to email me at

If you would like to read more from me I have contributed to several book projects; Couch Rebels, New Life Within, Praying for your Husband through 1 Timothy, and Praying for your Kids through James. I’ve also written an e-book on discipleship,  Sister to Sister; A Mentor’s Handbook that’s available on Amazon, and have contributed to Chicken Soup for the Soul; Merry Christmas. My writing has also appeared in Worship Ministry


5 thoughts on “Meet Beck

  1. Women of God, I am touched by your Letter to Mamas Parenting Children with Disabilities, almost in tears because I am among those mamas…! May God bless you!

  2. New reader, found your other blog and then found my way here. Not sure exactly why since I am not a mama–though I have longed to be for years. I guess I just find it refreshing that you seem welcoming of ALL women and don’t look at those of us without kids as “less than” or in some way incomplete. Your kiddos are beautiful, by the way! Lori

    • Lori, thanks for your comment! I’m glad you found your way here. I named my blog The Accidental Mama because that’s what I am and I’m figuring out life in that context. You are certainly most welcome because what I love to talk about is Jesus, everything else is secondary. I have a real problem with language that elevates motherhood to the status of a holy calling or puts moms on a pedestal, because God has a role for all women to nurture others and bring glory to him whether mothers or not. Though it is a joy, I certainly don’t think being a mom is the greatest accomplishment of my life. As women we can do all things to the glory of God, even submitting our desire to be a mother to him. Hope you’ll stick around and join the conversation!

  3. Just found you’re blog and it’s very interesting. Although, I apologize for my confusion, what exactly do you mean by “accidental motherhood”? Was it you just simply didn’t want marriage/children, or you were simply not actively seeking it out when it occurred akin to the let nature takes it course approach. Look forward to reading some more.

    • Hi Alex, Thanks for visiting! When I say accidental motherhood, I’m kind of poking fun of myself that my life isn’t what I planned. I hadn’t planned on having kids. And a lot of times I feel unprepared for parenting them, I feel like an accident in some ways. I suppose I identify as an accidental mama because it just makes me rely on God’s grace and take myself less seriously. I hope you’ll drop by and visit again!

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