I Have A New Favorite!

It’s been ages since I’ve written here on my blog. It’s hard to call yourself a blogger when you don’t blog! There are all kinds of reasons for my absence. One of them being that I’d written myself dry!

This spring I worked feverishly to finish my novel and get it cleaned up to submit to publishers. (Still haven’t heard back from any of them but you can read the first five chapters of my novel here.) After hitting send on the last submission I couldn’t bring myself to move my rusty fingers over the keys. I had poured it all out. And even more significantly I was terrified it was all terrible!

But words run in my veins as surely as blood does so I filled the gap with reading words instead of writing them. In the last couple of years I’ve purposed to read a variety of genres to stretch my mind. Mostly I look for quality.

This spring my father in law suggested I read the Harry Potter series. I was hesitant. Having avoided them when they originally burst on the scene, with all their spectacular controversy and accolades, I wasn’t sure I wanted to dive in now. I’ve never watched the movies, and had only the barest familiarity with the characters.

I’m far more impervious to criticism or censure than in the past, so I dove into the first book with curiosity and an open mind. I was enthralled immediately by Rowling’s storytelling ability. By the first chapter I was hooked!


I’ve read all seven books in a couple of months, which is saying something because I can be a very slow reader and some of the books are quite thick. By the time I tenderly closed the cover of the last book, setting it silently aside with a swirling mind, the series had secured itself in my heart as an all time favorite. I now completely understand the Harry Potter mania, and am sorry I missed it as it was happening! I’m also thankful the story has captured so many hearts. Children should be reading stories of characters that exhibit loyalty, bravery, love, and forgiveness. There are many authors I admire, and aspire to emulate, none more than Joanne Rowling!

Have you read the Harry Potter books? If so, what was your favorite character or theme? I loved the theme of sacrificial and redeeming love.


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