What’s your worth?

IMG_3182Recently I sat surrounded by a diverse group of women. Conversation flowed, regrets and wishes were shared. I was amazed. We all asked essentially the same question, “do I matter?”

All of humanity is asking that question. We need to understand there are two voices that offer us an answer.

Our age old accuser, that first liar, the enemy of all mankind, Satan. And God, the Creator, and only one qualified to answer such a question. They both weigh in.

That might sound dramatic but stick with me a moment. In this group of friends we had different struggles but the heart of the issue was the same. Our worth, ultimately our identity. Singleness, motherhood, career, beauty, relationship, talent, they become our labels. We put those labels on and believe – if I have this I matter, or, if I don’t have this I don’t matter.

I know it’s true for me. Those of you who have read this blog for any length of time know I became a mother on accident. It wasn’t my plan. I had plans to serve God a different way. Motherhood wasn’t a label I was seeking to wear. Sometimes those old doubts creep in. “You’re not good enough because you have no salary, no full time job, no meaningful skills, no ministry of your own.”

Who does that sound like? Certainly not Jesus. You probably have one of those voices too. The voice that says, “you don’t matter, you failed, you’re not as good as her, you’re unworthy, you’re incomplete.”

Satan is a vicious enemy, but he’s also cunning. He can cast his voice to sound like truth, he mixes sugar in with lies. Unfortunately we are often unprepared to recognize his lies. Which causes us to underestimate him.

It’s important for us to realize that Satan is at war with humanity because we bear the Creator’s image. Like a hooligan spray painting graffiti on a priceless work of art, our enemy cuts right to the core of our worth. As if he could deface us and make us less valuable.

But we are valuable. We bear the nature of the Uncreated One. Our worth was bestowed at the beginning of time, and then redeemed after the fall by the Son. We are twice blessed. But if the enemy can get us to believe the lies. If he can peddle a false identity to us. He has won a small victory. He has defaced God’s nature in us.

That is why motherhood, singleness, employment, artistry, productivity, beauty, etc. can never become our identity. The seeming reality of who we are is now overshadowed and caught up in the greater truth. Our lives are redeemed and hidden in Christ. Satisfaction comes in the knowledge that we are wanted. Jesus wants fellowship with us. Everything else is a gift. And isn’t that a relief? The pressure’s off. Callings, and roles, and relationships become gifts to enjoy instead of ground to prove our worth on.

See how very much our Father loves us, for he calls us his children, and that is what we are! 1 John 3:1a

God isn’t interested in you because of what you can do for him. Your worth to him is as a child for him to lavish love on, and in return receive your affection and thanks. The end. It’s our enemy’s value system that says what we do, or don’t do, determines our worth.

So what is your worth? Do you measure value by what you produce or who you know here on earth? Or does your value stem from eternal truth? I fear if we neglect to answer this question we will be stalked by doubt our whole lives. There are two voices, which one are you listening to?


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