Sisters coverToday feels like a big day. Today is the birth of my novel, SistersI’ve always loved words. According to my mom I was born screaming, making my voice heard! When I was a kid it was said of me that I would argue with a wall. My dad’s nickname for me was boca grande. While those may sound like negative antidotes, I don’t mind, it’s who I was. Those of you who have known me only a short time may find it hard to believe I was a big mouth. Restraint is a characteristic I’ve had to learn.

Perhaps that’s why I write more now than ever. My words need an outlet other than just running my mouth. Which is good because the written word can be edited, deleted, held back until polished. I love speaking but I love writing even more. I love the power behind a finely crafted metaphor. I love the beauty behind description. I love the light bulb that comes on when new ideas are shared well.

Today I add my words to the gigantic ocean of words available to the human race. With that knowledge I feel both small and great. I’ve come a long way in the past years. And even though my little book is unsolicited by an agency, standing alone and independent among it’s fellow books, I still feel proud. The very first words of Sisters were written by hand 15 years ago. And then they were put away for more than a decade. Truth be told I’m not sure if the first words are still in the finished work. Editing does that. But it was a beginning. And now I’ve come to a time of birth. Now I release my words, a mother turning loose her child’s hands, and see if they stand.

As I’ve been getting my book ready to join the Kindle world I’ve been thinking about the brilliant authors who have changed me, taught me, stirred me.

Harper Lee has influenced my ideas of mercy, inclusion, truth, and the concept of fairness more than any other writer. I love stepping into her bygone southern world. I love Boo. I love that the children learned to see Boo. I want to be that way, I want to see the Boos around me.

Henry Wadsworth Longfellow spun words into music. Of all the poets he’s my favorite. Though I love many; Robert Frost, William Shakespeare, Alfred Tennyson, Emily Dickinson to name a few. The meat of his words is as meaningful as the beauty. I want my life to create beauty. Not just in what I write, but also in how I live.

Mark Buchanan marries beautiful imagery with practical instruction. His book, Things Unseen, speaks to my soul. It feels more like meditating than reading. It’s a book I wish I had written. One day I hope to attempt a book of spiritual insight with the feel of poetry.

Words matter. Not just for those of us who write books and blog posts and short stories. But for all of us. The words we speak to each other, the words we write in an email, the words we hold back. They bring life, joy, beauty, courage, or pain, sorrow, embarrassment, shame. Let’s all use our words well. SistersHere are my words. I’m pleased to introduce you to Sisters! I hope I’ve used my words well. You’ll have to see for yourself.

If you follow the link to Amazon Kindle and download Sisters I hope you’ll do two favors for me, let a friend know if you enjoy the story and leave a review on Sisters’ Amazon page!


One thought on “Introducing Sisters, a novel

  1. I love words too! Like love, cherish, treasure, prize, admire, revere, idolise, lionise, worship and deify words. Words helped me express myself, and my favourite pastime is reading through the dictionary and thesaurus. And I love Harper lee too!
    Admitted, I read mockingbird only about a month ago, but… needless to say I love Boo… umm Arthur. And Scout. And Jem. And Dill. And Miss Maudie. And especially Atticus. I like reading poetry too, and Emily’s Richard Cory will always be one of my personal favourites. I would have bought your book if I had the money. I’m only 14, and I’m saving up money for other stuff, so you know, I’m sorry. 😦

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