Do your little ones enjoy a good book?

I read a new book to my Maggie girl this week. We love books at our house! This particular one came from my talented friend Maryleigh Bucher. It’s called Bicycling with Ava. The story is a fast paced ride with Grandma and Ava through the countryside. Along the way they buy a hat, drink a smoothie, and meet a cow.

Winter 2014 560If your little people are anything like Maggie they’ll enjoy the colorful pictures and the fun rhythm of the words. Maggie’s favorite part was when Ava drank a fruit smoothie that turned her nose orange!

Winter 2014 553

I asked Maggie what she enjoyed most about the book. She said the humor of the story and the bright pictures were her favorite part.

You can get a copy for your little book lovers at Amazon!


One thought on “Do your little ones enjoy a good book?

  1. Feeling totally blessed – and delighted Maggie so enjoyed the the effects carrot-mango smoothies can have on little noses! It’s a blessing when people get your humor –
    And like your stories. Thank you Beck AND Maggie!

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