Appreciating The Beautiful People


Beautiful people in my life. It’s what I’m celebrating this November. Is there anything on earth to give greater thanks for than beautiful, wonderful, exquisite people? People who reflect the heartbeat of Creator God himself. I love people. And amazingly enough, so very many love me. Isn’t that a glorious thing to say? So many people love me!

This week  my heart was filled to overflowing by not just one beautiful person but a whole room full. I’m saying goodbye in a few weeks time to some very dear sisters in Christ. But before that happens they made sure I know I am loved. How did they do that? Very personally. With tea cups. And prayers, and dessert, and kind words, and hugs.


We gathered at my friend Christy’s lovely home. Each of the women brought a tea cup for me. A taste of themselves. Some from their own set, some picked out with a friend. Those tea cups were searched for. I was thought of, and I could tell it. What amazed me is the variety and beauty of each one. The colors and patterns. It’s a patchwork of love.

I know when I drink from those cups, and I will drink from them, I’ll remember the love. Be bathed in it. More importantly I’ll share it. I can’t wait to have tea in my new home with newly made friends. The new friends might not know the story behind the tea cup they are using, but I will. I will remember that a group of women saw the best in me, forgave me, sought Jesus with me. I will remember the beauty they have brought to my life and in turn I’ll seek beauty in the lives of the new women I meet.

Life can be harsh. Many of us have experienced rejection. But there are moments when life comes into focus and we see the kaleidoscope of love God is weaving around us, using people. Not every relationship is easy. Sometimes we have to take risks. Often we have to forgive, embrace humility, bite our tongue, swallow our pride, try again. But when we press in and embrace the gift of relationship God wants to give us I think we’ll find that the community we’ve been placed in is for our good.

I’ve already used some of my new tea cups. Because love should be used, never stored up or hoarded, but shared. I let my daughter and son and their friend Raylee pick a tea cup to use for an impromptu tea party. It was lovely. Even the stuffed animals enjoyed it I believe.


I’m amazed at the beautiful people all around me this month. Amazed at the fruit that has ripened in those relationships, fruit that is being harvested and enjoyed. Relationships aren’t easy. Not any easier than toiling in the dirt, enduring blistered hands and harsh elements. No easier than the back breaking work of hoeing and weeding. But it’s not until after that work is done that the fruit can be enjoyed.


Press in and you’ll find in time that even the most challenging relationships can become beautiful. Relationships are worth the time and energy, as in any worthy endeavor. I hope you have a handful of women that make your life beautiful. If you don’t ask God to provide. He wants us to live in fellowship, taking risks for each other, weaving beauty into one another’s lives.

Do you have a special gift that reminds you of a person or people who have brought beauty to your life?


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