Better Than A Fairy Tale

Wedding ChapelFew love stories can compare with my own. I wish every wife felt that way. I could speak of flowers for no other reason than Chris thought of me, or laughing raucously at inside jokes, or the enjoyment of shared experiences. Or I could recall grace, a thousand times grace – received and given. Grace builds bonds. It’s an investment in the future.

These are all true, and then some, but there’s a deeper reason my husband is my hero, my true love. And I think it’s for the exact same reason that Jesus is his bride’s true love.

This is why I value my husband: he elevates me.

It’s what every true leader does. A leader lends his strength for the good of another. He’s unafraid another person’s weakness will pull him down, but is certain his own strength is most valuable when shared. Chris elevates me by allowing me to partner with him, and by not being threatened by either my weakness or my strength. He elevates me by valuing me as me. And in turn, because I trust him, I’m happy to submit to his leading.

It’s not always been so easy. It’s taken us years to get in step with each other. Thus the true value of grace. Grace has been our gold and we’ve learned to spend it lavishly on each other. We’re still learning. The first year was a doozie. We were virtually combustible. Terrifyingly in love, terrifyingly independent, it was a lethal combination. Grace, we learned, was our antidote.

By year two we had made the amazing discovery that we could become allies. My willingness to give him the lead empowered him not to demand it. We found the terms of the truce – a good willed man needn’t be feared, a loving woman needn’t be controlled. And we fell in love all over again.

Over the years we’ve had seasons where we forgot or got tired or were selfish. Grace is a powerful antidote, nigh unto a miracle drug.

Tonight as I write it’s the cusp of our anniversary. We are looking another move square in the eye. How many times have we gone through changes together? It seems we’re ever changing, yet ever the same. I’m confident this leg of the journey will be just like every other – shared. I wouldn’t want to take risks, dream bold dreams, cling to faith, cry in the dark, sing triumphant, or live with any other person.

As a girl I was chasing fairy tales and prince charming. The surprise is that my life is better than a fairy tale, better than happily ever after. It’s real love we’re celebrating. It’s life.

Sixteen years ago in Snellville Georgia, fresh out of college and wide eyed at life, a boy and a girl got married. That’s when the adventure began. Who knows where it will end. It’s getting better every year.

{September 19 is our 16th wedding anniversary. So instead of writing Dixie’s story I thought I’d share ours.)


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