Dragonella’s New Look

This summer, as six year old Maggie and I were looking for library books, Maggie expressed her dissatisfaction at the number of new princess books she could find. I suggested we write our own. She happily agreed. This is the story we spun together. Many of the characters come from her imagination, as well as the story itself. I directed and filled in as necessary. We had a wonderful time creating this little tale together and hope you enjoy it also!

Dragonella’s New Look
By Maggie and Beck Gambill

In the Kingdom of LeClair lived three princesses of varying size. Lovely Rose, blushing Violet, and small Magnolia.

They spent their days as princesses often do; tea parties, trying on tiaras, picking flowers, and dancing. They also played with their royal pets.

Rose owned a rainbow colored pony named Prunella. Violet’s pet porcupine, Lucy, was quite tame. Magnolia loved a shy rabbit named Pink Bunny. They had been companions since Magnolia was just a baby. Their friendship was quite special.

On summer afternoons, when they had grown tired of tea partying, they would ride Prunella over the countryside.

Rose, Violet, and Magnolia were kind, happy princesses. Occasionally, however, they would quarrel with each other. Most sisters will be able to understand.image

One afternoon Violet and Rose did argue. Rose was tired of sharing Prunella and wanted to ride her all alone. Violet fussed that it wasn’t fair. She wanted to ride too. After all it’s difficult to ride a porcupine, and even to hug one.

“I’m tired of this arguing,” Magnolia thought to herself. “Come Pink Bunny, we’ll play by ourselves.”

Magnolia slipped away with Pink Bunny tucked under her arm. She tiptoed through wood ferns, along stream banks, and over soft mosses. Before long she came to the mouth of a cave. A waterfall splashing from it’s dark walls, cool and happy.

Magnolia stooped to cool her tired toes and take a refreshing sip. As she did she heard a great raspy voice talking to itself.

Magnolia sat very still. Pink Bunny’s ears twitched up. They listened.

“I’ll take care of King Christopher, Queen Rebecca, and their little princesses. His band of knights is no match for me. And when I burn down the gate and take over the castle I’ll sit upon the throne with the crown upon my head, rings on my fingers, and bracelets on my arms. No one will say I’m an ugly, horrid beast again.”image

Magnolia’s heart beat fast. She had come across Dragonella’s lair. She must warn the others of the dragon’s plan.

With her feet flying as quickly as a bird’s wings she ran back to find her sisters.

Panting, she told Rose and Violet, “Hurry, we must ride home. Dragonella is planning to take over the castle.”

“Are you sure?” asked Rose.

“I heard her myself,” chimed in Pink Bunny.

Violet sprang onto Prunella and reached her hand out to the other princesses. They all climbed on and off they went to warn their royal parents.

“Close the drawbridge,” yelled Rose to the guard as Prunella clattered into the courtyard.

The guard sprang into action. Clang! Down came the portcullis. Three strong soldiers helped him pull up the drawbridge.

Up the stairs to the royal throne room ran Rose, Violet, and Magnolia. The girls tumbled in all talking at once.

“Quick… Dragonella… coming.” They were out of breath!

“One at a time,” said their father.

Little Magnolia stepped forward and in a small voice said, “Dragonella is coming to attack the castle. I think, perhaps, she’s feeling misunderstood.”

That’s all it took. Quickly brave King Christopher jumped into action. Turning to the captain of the guard the king strode forward calling commands.

“Sir Alec, call your men. We will be ready when the beast get’s here,” boomed King Christopher.

Off Queen Rebecca bustled her girls. She took them to the top room of the tallest tower. Before locking the door she hugged her princesses. “Stay our of sight girls. Your father has fought many a dragon. You will be safe here.” And with that she kissed them and locked the door behind her.

Worried, Magnolia crossed the stone floor to the high window and peered out. Pink Bunny, who was draped over her shoulder, whispered in her ear. Magnolia nodded her head in agreement to Pink Bunnies whispers.

Even though the dragon was ugly and was coming to attack them she couldn’t help wondering if, perhaps, Dragonella really had been misunderstood. Magnolia sighed deeply.

“What is it?” Asked Rose, joining her at the Window.

“”Yes, what’s troubling you?” echoed Violet.

“I believe there is another way to face Dragonella than fighting her.”

Here sisters leaned in, “What is it?” they asked together.

The three princesses pressed their heads together and formed a plan.

“Look,” said Rose, pointing out the window. The trees at the edge of the forest were moving. Out burst Dragonella!

“Ready sisters?!” cried Violet.

“Ready!” they answered.

Rose, Violet, and Magnolia pulled out the wands Queen Sapphire, the queen of the fairies, had given each of them at their birth.


“I hope this works,” said Rose. “Queen Sapphire said the wands could only be used for good.”

“It will work,” said Magnolia with confidence.

Stepping out onto the balcony of the tower the sisters stood side by side.

“Dragon scales and piercing eyes
Ugly heart be prettified.
No more lonely days and nights
Be made over before our sight.”

Immediately Dragonella’s fiery eyes softened, her sharp claws shrank to manicured nails. On her head was a glimmering tiara, in her ears were pearls, and on her arms were diamond bracelets.

On the walls of the castle stood archers and soldiers ready to fight. As Dragonlla came closer to the castle she caught sight of her reflection in the moat. She stopped to admire her new look in surprise.

“Come on!” Magnolia ran over to a hidden door that led to a secret passage. Her sisters followed her. They ran down the passage and to the courtyard bellow. A gasp went up from the faces around the castle walls as the three princesses stepped from a secret door right in front of Dragonella.

Little Magnolia stood clutching Pink Bunny in her arms. “Hello Dragonella, you look very pretty,” she said in a timid voice.

Startled the dragon looked up from admiring her reflection.

“Do you really think so?” asked the startled dragon.

“Yes I do. My name is Magnolia,” said Magnolia, “and these are my sisters Rose and Violet. Would you like to meet my father and mother?”

“Yes, I believe I would,” answered the dragon.

Just then the drawbridge lowered and King Christopher and Queen Rebecca ran out to the girls.

Magnolia was holding Dragonella’s hand. “Mother, Father meet Dragonella. We gave her a make over.”

Surprised, the king and queen nervously shook hands with the dragon.

Without even a fight the kingdom had been saved and a new friend made.

Later that evening Queen Rebecca drew Magnolia onto her lap. “Tell me dear, what made you think to give the dragon a make over?”

Magnolia answered, “It was Pink Bunny. She said that sometimes the ones who roar the loudest are the loneliest and most misunderstood. Dragonella really just wanted to be beautiful and to have friends.”

“That was very wise and compassionate,” smiled Queen Rebecca. “Kindness saved our kingdom and won us a friend.”


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