Taking a Risk

This month I’m exploring the risk of rejection with a group of brave hearts. Contemplating risk, evaluating what holds me back, asking God for clarity has been eye opening. I realize that I hold back due to a fear of rejection more than any other reason. Not a loss of money, not physical discomfort, time, or a list of other costs. I’m afraid of what you’ll think of me if I try and fail.

No area of my life has been more affected by that fear than my passion for writing. What if I say something that’s wrong, what if someone disagrees with me, what if I sound stupid, what if no one ever reads what I write, what if someone else is better?

And of course every one of those things will be true at some point. But I think, maybe, it doesn’t really matter. Because, I love to write. I like to hear how words slide together and make new feelings, I like seeing things from a new perspective, I love how words paint pictures in our imaginations. When I write I feel like I’m singing, or flying, or dancing. And if anything in the world makes you feel like that you should do it. 

I suspect I’m not the next New York Times Best Seller. I’m ok with that, it’s not really my goal. My goal is to write what’s important to me, what God has shaped my heart to say, and to gain enough of a platform to shine a light on what I am passionate about. And my goal is to make you, my friends, think, question, and feel.

So over the last week I’ve done a lot of writing and dreaming. I took a risk and asked my Facebook friends to give me a one word prompt for me to write a short piece on. What a fun and rewarding exercise that was!

And out of that prompt I met Dixie. My dad submitted the word carburetor and somehow Dixie with her red hair and sass was born. And I knew I had to tell her story, it’s time to write a book!

So, like the crazy risk taker I’m becoming, I’m going to write Dixie’s story, here, on my blog, with you watching. Which I think is awesome! I would love for you to be here with me as I give birth to Dixie’s story, I could use the encouragement and advice.

This is your invitation to read along every week to find out what’s happening in Dixie’s Mississippi Delta world. Tell me what you like, what works and doesn’t work for you. Share the story with friends who love to read. And maybe in the end we’ll have a real life book on our hands!

Dixie Lee

Let me introduce you to Dixie:

Dixie Lee’s eyes crackled, revealing a personality as combustible as her Ford pickup’s carburetor. Or at least as combustible as it had been. At the moment she was standing on the side of the dusty Mississippi road, head shoved under the hood of her royal blue 1976 pride and joy. The only combustion happening was inside her.

Dixie’s red curly hair, frizzing in the muggy afternoon, flashed a warning sign to anyone who would take heed. Muttering under her breath she whirled, curls tossing, to retrieve her tools from the pickup’s bed.

Sadie stuck her head out the passenger side window, “How long will it take to fix, Dixie? We gonna be late to the Sheridan’s BBQ?”

Dixie flashed a grin at her friend, “Don’t worry. If I’ve got everything I need I should be able to have us on the road again in no time. I sure am glad daddy taught me how to fix this old truck.”

With that she turned her attention to the problem and got to work.

What do you think, want to come along for the ride?

{I would love for you to share Dixie’s story with your friends, seriously nothing would tickle me more! But may I ask that you share the link to my blog and not copy and paste? That way the source of the story will never be in question. Thank you!}


13 thoughts on “Taking a Risk

  1. This is great. I love this. Seriously. I think I’ll like Dixie and her sass. 🙂
    I’m exploring lots of different writing right now, too! I love that you’re part of this risking group, Beck.

  2. I love Dixie already….I think she might live in my town and her daughter was in dance class with my daughter but will have to read more to know for sure. Ha! Seriously someone totally came to mind as I was introduced to your character, Dixie. Keep writing!

  3. “And if anything in the world makes you feel like that you should do it. ” – Yes, yes, triple yes.

    🙂 I love Dixie already. Can’t wait to see what happens next…..

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