Project Thanks ~ Week 4

Project ThanksI’ve got to confess this week was crazy busy and we lost some momentum in expressing our thanks as a family. But this is our last week and I’d like to end this project on a good note! So let’s finish off this week by thanking some people who are very near to my heart.

Everyone wants to be appreciated and recognized but I think there is a group of people especially in need of our thanks, our spiritual leaders. I am so thankful for our pastor, my husband (our worship pastor), and our children’s ministry leader at church. What a huge gift they are to me and my children.

Of course I have a unique view on things, I was raised in a pastor’s family and am now married to a pastor. I have never been engaged in more difficult or rewarding work than growing in intimacy with Jesus and then leading others to do the same. Ministry life is not for wimps, it’s for bravehearts.

My life is better because I’m led well by godly men, and my kids hearts are stronger because of the nurture they receive at church. I am thankful.

I hope you can say the same thing. I hope you have a pastor, a women’s ministry leader, a Sunday school teacher, etc. who has led you to Jesus, enriched your life, nudged your faith into new territories! If so, this week (busy as it is) will you join me in saying thanks? I know they will appreciate the encouragement. A plate of cookies, a thoughtful note, an offer to babysit will go a long way in telling them you see their hard work and value their commitment.

So, have you joined me on this journey of thanks over the last few weeks? If so what have you learned?

I’ve learned that it takes time, and sometimes planning, to be aware of other people. It’s so easy to get wrapped up in our own lives and lose sight of others; it takes effort to see the people around us. I’ve also learned a thank you goes a long way in building strong communication.

I hope you will join me in telling the spiritual leaders of your life thank you this week, and have a very Happy Thanksgiving!


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