Let’s Pray For Our Kids

Bone tired. That’s where I am, this whole nurturing thing – not for the faint of heart. Are you there too?

I love my children, but I’ve got to confess I’ve always been a heart wanderer, never content to stay still. Sometimes the monotony of peanut butter sandwiches for lunch every-single-day, laundry never ending, whining at the crack of dawn, makes my heart quake.

Just when I feel the cycle of give and take, give and take, heavy on the take, will never end – magic happens. Jesus pulls my attention from day dreams of saving the world back into the here and now, and thankfully I don’t miss the sweetness before me.

Lately it’s come in the package of my littlest one’s tender heart. God’s word is shaping and living in her and prayers are bubbling up from deep down. (Big shout out to our children’s pastor Kathy and her wonderful team for the way they nurture my kids!)


At dinner lately, after her brother prays, Maggie is quick to pipe up “My turn!” And oh those prayers, full of “touch Max’s body and help him feel better… thank you for my brother, I love him… help my heart to be sweet and not sassy… Jesus I know you love me, and I love you too” they melt my heart.

In those moments I’m reminded that the beauty of protecting, nurturing, teaching those innocent hearts is not a burden but such a dear gift. And I love my little ones in the memory of the children an ocean away, whose abandonment to an institution I can never forget, but right now can do nothing to save.

I press in to the here, and am faithful in trusting for the later. I believe God will produce fruit of faith in my children, and fulfill dreams yet unrealized in my own heart. One of my deepest desires is to see my children walking in their own knowledge and love of Jesus, and it begins now.

Let’s pray for our kids today to experience God in their own lives in personal ways, whether your child is two or twenty two:

Father, would you enable our children to draw near to you and as they come would you make yourself known to them. As they pray, would you answer, as they seek, would you be found. We’re trusting you to develop a faith in their own hearts that rests on an experience and knowledge of your faithfulness. Help us as parents to press in to the now and not miss opportunities to teach. Thank you for these hard days of motherhood as they shape our own hearts as we are shaping our children. Amen.

If you’re weary, hold on, the weary fades and the sweetness will remain. No matter what kind of mama you are, God’s got you, he’s working through you, using you, strengthening you. Don’t miss the right now as you hope for the later. The later will come and God will be in it.


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