Let’s Pray For Our Kids

My beautiful Maggie goes in for an endoscope procedure tomorrow. We’re hoping to find out the reason behind some tummy trouble and suspect a gluten allergy. I wasn’t worried about it until I was preregistering by phone and realized all that was involved.


Maggie and I talked about the camera that was going down into her tummy to look at her guts, and that she would go to sleep while it looked around. She giggled and thought it was cool she would have a camera in her tummy. Hopefully everything goes just that smoothly.

Of course there are always the what ifs. As mamas we can be really good at the what if game can’t we?

Bad things happen all around us, and sometimes to us. That’s the reality of life, it’s a given. So how do we help our kids prepare for that? I think the answer is in what we teach them now, before the crisis comes. They need to understand that God can be trusted.

I’ve been chewing on the words my mom recently said in relation to her fight against cancer, “If it pleases him, it pleases me.” I want my children to live in the legacy of those words, if it pleases him, it pleases me. Can you and I say if it pleases God to bring me low, if it pleases God to lift me up, if it pleases God to bless, wound, correct, or strengthen me, then it pleases me? If we can’t say that then we can’t teach it to our children.

Let’s pray that God would give us hearts that so trust him that we embrace whatever he has for us in our lives, and then teach it to our kids.

Father, just the privilege of calling you Father should teach our hearts to trust! We’re asking today for trusting hearts, hearts willing to embrace whatever you choose for us. Enable us to respond “if it pleases you, then it pleases me.” As our hearts grow in that deep, abiding faith would you help us to teach our children to trust you deeply as well. Would you call and equip them to live for your pleasure. Train them now, while they’re young, to see life’s challenges as opportunities to trust their Heavenly Father, and we ask that they will experience your kindness in those moments. We love you, Amen.

Can you say “if it pleases you, then it pleases me” to God right now? If not are you willing to do what it takes to get to that place?


2 thoughts on “Let’s Pray For Our Kids

  1. Oh Beck…. I love those words; If it pleases him, it pleases him. What a powerful way to live yes? I pray that your cute little Maggie is doing well. I pray they find what they need to know. Blessings on you and your family today my friend.

    • Thank you Kari, they did find what they were looking for and now Maggie is on a strict gluten free diet. Hopefully she’ll be feeling better in no time! It’s a good way to live, isn’t it, with his pleasure in mind?!

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