Trust is a Journey

July 2011 OH (93)Last week I wrote a Letter to Mamas Parenting Children with Disabilities. Almost 20,000 people to date have read that letter, in one week. For my modest blog that’s pretty substantial. The feedback has been mostly amazing, my own growth as a writer huge.

The thing is, I have to write again. Surprisingly it feels scary. Whether it’s because the bar feels like it’s set higher, or the few negative comments rattled me, words feel elusive, the blank page an enemy instead of a friend.

Can you relate? As you step out of your comfort zone, work at gaining ground in some area, experience praise and criticism, does that make you feel a little vulnerable? It does me. I find it strange that something desirable can suddenly become intimidating.

It reminds me of the seen from Chariots of Fire where Harold Abrams is preparing for a race. He tells his coach he’s afraid of winning. What comes next after winning the race is the scary unknown.

Writing, parenting, creating, relating, living, it’s all a journey. One step leads to another. If I stop writing now I won’t grow in my craft or experience the joy of touching another heart. I’ve learned there are all kinds of obstacles in life waiting to hang us up if we let them.

The bible verse our family is memorizing this week is Psalm 71:5 “O Lord, you alone are my hope. I’ve trusted you, O Lord, from childhood.”

I love that David is looking back on his journey and recalling the faithfulness of God. From childhood he’s trusted and God has been true. I can say the same thing. God has been faithful. If it weren’t the case I would have given up by now. It’s God’s faithfulness that leads me on, giving me the courage to parent, to write, to love, to work, to risk, to reach out. 

In What area of your life are you facing resistance or fear? Can you say that God alone is your hope, that you’ve trusted and he’s been faithful? If so then why not join me and step out in obedient faith this week!


2 thoughts on “Trust is a Journey

  1. First, I can’t believe I missed that letter! You go, Beck! Second, oh, I get it. I went to a writer’s retreat a few weeks ago and have written NOTHING of substance since. 🙂 Entirely too much pressure to be good. Ridiculous, I know and yet…

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