Let’s Pray For Our Kids

This week’s earlier post, A Letter to Mamas Parenting Children with Disabilities, has gotten a lot of attention. Parents raising children with disabilities have commented and shared their hearts. One thing that’s surfaced is the need for parents to teach their children to respect and care for all people.

I have to blow my son’s horn for just a minute! In our family we have talked about the value of all people and I’ve tried to prepare my kids for different situations and relationships. Max has two children in his class with autism. I was recently asking him how one of the little boys was doing, he had been struggling in the class room. Max beamed and told me he was doing great. He proceeded to champion each victory, sitting still, not hitting, and tell about the rewards his friend had gotten because of his improved behavior. I’ve never heard Max say anything negative or demeaning, he accepts his friend the way he is and celebrates what he accomplishes. I’m thankful for my son’s open, loving heart. But that’s not always the case with children at school or in public.

Have you talked to your children about how to interact with and value elderly people, people with disabilities, people of other races or religions? It’s our responsibility as parents to teach our kids how to treat others. They will take their lead from our example.

“A new command I give you: Love one another. As I have loved you, so you must love one another. By this everyone will know that you are my disciples, if you love one another.” John 13:34-35

How we love matters. Let’s pray that our children will develop tender, compassionate hearts.

Father, thank you for setting the standard of love, that while we were in need you showed us grace. Help us to reflect your grace and kindness to others because we’ve experienced it for ourselves. We want to teach our children that all people are valuable. Would you soften their hearts to be receptive to our instruction. Give them eyes like yours to see beyond the exterior of a person and right to the soul. We pray that they would be leaders wherever they are, setting the tone as they interact with others. Give them kind eyes, inclusive words, and a gentle touch. When a person is being teased give them courage to stand up and defend. Amen.

How are you teaching your children to value people who are different than them?


6 thoughts on “Let’s Pray For Our Kids

  1. I enjoy reading your posts. We do our best to teach the kids to respect others and our daughter who’s 8 has a very loving heart. One time she was talking to a boy who told her he was different and Anslee told him that that was okay because God makes us all different and special. I feel blessed watching her interact with people!

  2. I read both your posts – and the comments on your letter to parents of children with disabilities. You expressed what is so often in my heart – wanting to reach out but wanting to do it right. My boys have had different experiences – one was chosen for a year to be a social buddy to one boy. They’d stand in to protect from bulleying. I think teaching boys to be knightly and championing those who need it – I’ve tried to do that:)

  3. I am a mom, with a child that has special needs. When others make there comments, some are down right cruel, they not only stab my son’s feeling but my heart and soul!! Some comments can range from ” you should not take that thing out of the house” to ” you should of aborted him”. Smaller comments hurt, but I do realise they are just not used to the special needs world, and I try to explain to them the situation.

    I admit, I lost all hope in the human race, and worried daily, what will happen to my child after my passing? Damn you even have a professor in Princeton university, that believes that they are a burden, and should be taken cared of at birth!!! OMG OMG OMG!! You see and hear about the institutionsi and the cruelity there, OMG OMG OMG. I cry whenever I think about what will become of him. mMy family the lives close will show no interest in his life after my passing, because they look at us as a burden now, and rarely even visit. When times where tough, excuses are always made, or they ignor us till it is over. Help is offered, but when you take them up on their offers, they run in the other direction. Some even say give him up, too much for you!! ARGGGGG! Friends, lost them all, they are at a different place than we are, and get bored or get to busy with there new friends that are at the same place as they are, I don’t blame them! I could go on and on, probably blow your mind and some of the things that happened, but I won’t, this is enough for you now.

    Don’t het me wrong, there were the few people that were kind, and it always came just before I could take no more. I thank G-d for those angels, They came at the perfect time, but all in all people are truely cruel. So when i seen this blog, I was touched to the point that I realise that there still are kind people in this world, and just maybe my son will survive the day I am gone, when that happens, I pray to G-d, people like you will surround my child–angels!!

    A extremely worried mom

    • Oh, your comment touches my heart so! Thank you for taking the time to tell your story, the ups and the downs and your fears. I worry about families caring for children and needing support. I’ve thought about what happens when adult children outlive their parents. I do care. I know there are others who care as well. I pray and trust your needs will be met as you care for your son.

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