Unseen Things

My family lives in a house that was supposed to be ours months ago, but it still isn’t, and there is no real end in sight. Yesterday was to be the day we finally closed. Things changed, again. I’m choosing not to rest on what I see. Rather, I’m putting all my eggs in the basket of faith.

Each week I write a new memory verse on the blackboard in our kitchen for our family to meditate on and memorize. This week is Hebrews 11:1


Because my life is hidden with Christ I can believe that the unseen things are as real, and more lasting, than what’s seen. Faith eyes take me past what I own or don’t own. A kingdom perspective reminds me that this house is more about relationship than a place to live. Because life is always about people.

The difficulty with the title and loan are an opportunity to exhibit grace and trust to our Realtor. The drawn out process has allowed us to establish a relationship with the owner of the house and his young daughter. Instead of entering into a business dealing, we’ve entered into friendship.

If you know me then you know that if I was looking at this situation with human eyes I could easily take this opportunity to freak out. In my 37 years I’ve moved easily over 20 times. Three years of our 15 year marriage have been spent living with friends or family. This house is my dream house, I’m ready for security.

I could look at this situation without faith eyes. But, I believe God’s purpose is to redeem people, express love, and work good in our lives. That belief, in the unseen kingdom of God, helps me see so much more than a house. What looks like a delay or disappointment on the surface is really an opportunity to express faith to people who still question if what is unseen is true.

There are all kinds of faith opportunities disguised as problems, delays, disappointments, hurts, and challenges. My mom’s cancer, relationships that didn’t go as I expected, a job need are each a canvas waiting to be painted with faith and not fear.

What situation in your life is a faith opportunity in disguise? What keeps you from living by faith? When we ask God to give us eyes of faith we will be surprised by what we see!


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