The Art of Partnering

Being a mama is hard work; mentally, emotionally, physically. You know that if your child is 2 months or 20 years! Comparing just makes a challenging job that much more difficult. Comparing ourselves to other mamas, our children to other family’s children, our children to each other, only leads to heart ache.

In our family we have two very different learners. My 9 year old son is in the gifted program. My kindergarten daughter is struggling to learn her alphabet, I suspect she may need special ed.  They are special with weaknesses and talents. God has made children in such an incredible variety and we can’t take credit for any of it.


Each child has been created uniquely and put in our families for a purpose. They may struggle to learn, be athletic, be talented musically, they may be ill, or struggle with fear. Our role as parents isn’t to change our children or squish them into a mold they weren’t designed to fit. We’re meant to be partners, recognizing they “are God’s handiwork, created in Christ Jesus to do good works, which God prepared in advance for [them] to do.” (Ephesians 2:10) What we may see as a weakness God may use as a tool to prepare our kids to serve him. But we won’t know if we aren’t in tune with his heart for our children.

It’s easy to put our expectations on our kids, to compare them to others, and feel shame or pride. But if we do we’ll miss the opportunity to partner with God to prepare them to be who he created them to be.

Our children are on the exciting journey of discovering, and preparing for, the good works God has created them to do! We have the opportunity to be guides, but we will miss it if we lose focus. Spending time in God’s word and in prayer refocuses our hearts on what God says is important and helps us not to be distracted by what society, and our own heart, tells us really matters.

Do you struggle with placing your own expectations on your children or comparing them to others? It’s a habit we can break with God’s grace!


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