Let’s Pray For Our Kids

My week has been off to a rough start. A virus for me and my little one over the weekend. We’re still trying to get the hang of school and schedules and enough sleep. Sometimes a blog seems the least of my worries to keep up with.

But I hope this place is more than just a blog. I hope it’s a place that encourages you to wrestle with what being a mama looks like to you. I hope it’s an ear, if you need one, for you to share what’s going well and what really just stinks. Whether you’re a mama or not I hope it’s a place for you to wrestle with your purpose. And ultimately, no matter what type of mama you are, I hope it’s a place to come to Jesus. A place to be reminded that he sees you. A holy ground for bringing children to and trusting that he is big enough for all of your questions and fears, mistakes and hopes.

This week as children have tackled firsts and our babies are transforming before our very eyes let’s bring them to Jesus, once again.

Proverbs 3:5-6 has been on my mind recently, “Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways submit to him, and he will make your paths straight.”

Heavenly Father, as mom’s we want to trust you with our children, to lean not on our own understanding but on your great wisdom as we parent. And as we do may we set the example for our children as they grow. The example of a life submitted to and relying on your great wise heart. Stretch out a straight path before our children Lord, one that leads directly to you. This school year will you lead them in truth, drawing their hearts closer to you, directing their paths. We trust you and thank you for your faithfulness to our kids. Amen.

So what firsts are your kids up to that are just blowing you away?!


2 thoughts on “Let’s Pray For Our Kids

  1. Hey Beck, my twins have to exchange classes this year, Lilly is doing great. Which I thought she would have trouble but Buster is the one having so much trouble! My 15 is driving and loves it but I’m the one who is struggling. He is a great driver but I have a hard time with it every time he drives. Life is just flying by and I struggle just trying to find time to talk to them about Jesus, so we or I started praying for them on our drive to school before I drop anybody off, I pray for them on my own but I wanted them to hear my prayers and understand praying, not just blessing the food, my oldest struggles with praying, it comes easy for the younger three. Thanks!

    • I loved hearing you describe riding with Brandon today! I know I’ll be the same way. I think praying on the way to school is such a good habit! I write a bible verse on our chalk board in the kitchen and we talk about it at breakfast and then pray as I drop them off at school. I love those moments. Sounds like you’ve got lots of firsts in your family this year!

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