Let’s Pray For Our Kids

I’m still getting used to the new school schedule! Is it Thursday again? Wow. How is school going for your family? My little peanuts are settling in nicely. This week has been much better for my kindergartner. I’m so thankful for that.

As our kids are spending so much time away from home and are influenced by their peers and teachers I want to pray for their hearts. I think we can all agree this world is a tricky place to grow up in and maintaining a pure heart isn’t easy. God’s word warns us that it’s to be expected that we will face temptation, danger, and struggles.

I want my children to know they can trust God, learn to recognize his voice, and follow him. My son is tender to things of God and has a compassionate heart. There’s a little boy with autism in his class and I’m so touched by the way he champions his success and shows tenderness. But I know that doesn’t come naturally, it’s character that needs nurturing.

Today I want to pray for our children to have pure hearts, hearts that shun the foolishness of this world and embrace the compassionate heart of God.

Religion that God our Father accepts as pure and faultless is this: to look after orphans and widows in their distress and to keep oneself from being polluted by the world. James 1:27

Father, we pray that our children grow to understand that religion you prize, the real deal, isn’t keeping rules. It’s having a heart that’s pure and compassionate. Will you teach our children to value you and other people above popularity, selfish gain, or pleasure. While they’re at school and in the company of others will you protect their ears and thoughts, will you filter what they hear through the truth of your word. And we pray that they will have hearts that reflect yours, loving the weak, caring for the lonely, being sensitive to those who are different. We pray our children will have pure and kind hearts. Thank you for setting the example of purity and kindness and for loving our children. Amen.

How are you doing at setting the example of having a pure heart and loving others? It’s not easy, is it, but it’s important in the development of our kids character.


One thought on “Let’s Pray For Our Kids

  1. Our boys started a new school this year (only 2 left – boys that is) – we put them in a Classical Latin Christian school – about 12 in a classroom – and they are loving it – all of it and are being so challenged. I have encouraged them in the mornings for the last year to find 3 people to pray for a day – not just their friends or the easy ones but the tough ones need prayer, too. Wishing you much blessing in the following year:)

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