Let’s Pray For Our Kids

I picked up a tearful kindergartner from school yesterday. It breaks my heart when my kids are sad. But I’m learning to resist the urge to rescue them at every turn. Growth comes with hardship and while I want to minimize their challenges I don’t want to remove them all together.


Even for accidental mamas letting go can be so hard! Trusting our children to God’s care and resisting the urge to control takes discipline and reliance on God’s power. I’m an involved mama, and if I sense my child is in danger I act and apologize later, it’s important to know when to step back and when to intervene. I don’t know about you but I’m still working on that skill!


Today let’s come to God in dependence on him to guide us as moms and trust our children to his care. As the school year is getting underway across the country we need the peace only he can bring to our hearts as our children step out of our front doors.


Heavenly Father, we come to you needy, expectant, trusting, longing for you to put our hearts at ease. This year as our children are at school will you give us wisdom to know when to intervene, insight into how to shepherd their hearts, and good rapport with their teachers. Only by your grace can we be the mamas you desire us to be. Give us the faith to trust our children to your care. Walk with them daily, protect their minds and bodies, influence their actions, and give them favor we pray. Amen.


For you homeschool mamas you need a whole different type of grace and I trust God will give it to you as well, another post on that later.


If your kids have started school, how’s it going? If you have a specific prayer request I’d love to join you in praying, feel free to post one in the comments!


3 thoughts on “Let’s Pray For Our Kids

  1. Wow, Catina, and I thought a crying kindergartner was hard. I certainly will pray for Lilly, for you, and her friend. Trusting God will give Lilly wisdom and you peace. I’m starting a mom’s praying time on Tuesday morning at my house, don’t know if you’re free then, but you are welcome to come!

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