Praying For Our Kids

I’m thousands of miles away from my children today, walking among the parentless. I take great comfort that even though I can’t touch my children I can invest in their lives by praying for them no matter where in this world I am.

One day they will grow up and leave home. I trust I will remember this truth, prayer connects us both to the heart of God and makes a difference in their lives.

Matthew 5:8, “God blesses those whose hearts are pure,  for they will see God.”

I want my children to see God. To live in this broken, disappointing, challenging world not with a cynical view of life but a hopeful one. I want them to have a purity of focus, a purity of love, a purity of purpose. My prayer is that my children live relating to others and God with a pure heart, untainted by the corruption of this world.

Join me in praying for our children?

Father, I pray that my children would have hearts that are pure. Would you allow your Holy Spirit to filter what they see and hear through your word and holiness? As they grow replace their natural human desires with a holy desire for more of you. When temptation comes draw them close to your heart. Cause them to be unsatisfied by lesser things and long to be in your presence, serving you and others. I pray that even when they walk through the dirt of this world you would keep their hearts pure. Protect their eyes, their ears, their minds, set their hearts on things above. Thank you that in this twisted world we can trust you with the hearts of our children. Amen.

How do you help your children live as followers of Jesus and not followers of man?


2 thoughts on “Praying For Our Kids

    • What a beautiful way to bless your daughter! Thanks for sharing your thoughts. I’ve been out of the country and unable to respond before now, but I appreciate you taking the time to comment!

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