Every Accidental Mama needs an Accidental Man

Today’s blog post is dedicated to my husband, Chris. We  didn’t plan a family, but really we haven’t planned much of our life. It’s just kind of happened. We’ve responded to situations and followed God’s leading as best as we’ve known how in every season, but frequently there has been more unplanned than planned.

Certainly at times that’s caused stress and weariness. But really it’s forged a bond of friendship every couple would be fortunate to experience.


Some of the unplanned things in our life have been unwelcome and many have been great blessings. Certainly, even as hard as it can be, parenthood is one of those unplanned blessings. As has been my opportunity to travel to Serbia.

Being a mama I could never travel internationally without the amazing support of Chris (and extended family, his parents and mine have been very generous with their time).

Really my ability to travel for 11 days to Eastern Europe is a testament to a great family and church community. But that’s the nature of the gospel. God didn’t call us to be Lone Rangers, but a body, many into one.

Serbia July 2013 SOZO (14)

Because a married couple are united so uniquely though I recognize the freedom he has given me to travel so far as a great gift.

No family, no couple, no children are the same. I think it’s important to find a rhythm that works for you and the season you are in as people. Right now our season is full of wonderful and challenging things and I’m thankful that God has helped us grow into the people we are with respect for each other’s passions, gifts, and weaknesses.

As I sit typing and listening to the sounds of Novi Sad I recognize the blessing of having a supportive husband. We may have done a lot of things accidentally in our lives. But Chris’ faithfulness to me and our children is no accident.

July 2011 (104)

I would love to share these cultural experiences with him one day, but for now I’m thankful for the opportunity to pursue my passion of loving and investing in people globally. I don’t take the opportunity lightly.

So here’s to you Chris Gambill the best accidental Daddy I know!


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