Let’s Pray For Our Kids

It’s such a privilege to pray for our children! What a gift God has given us to be able to draw close to his heart as we lift them up and he blesses their little lives through his answers.


Today I’m beginning a journey that will take many hours and land me in Serbia. The gospel is my passion and I want it to be my children’s as well. I’ve talked to them a lot over the last week or two about the value of salvation being made known to all mankind and the cost of spreading the gospel.  It’s a hard lesson to learn when you’re small but I pray they will learn it and themselves become bearers of truth!


Will you join me in praying that our children will value the spread of the gospel?


Father, the world needs bold believers living and speaking truth in every area of life. Children and adults valuing you and your ways above any other. Won’t you instill in our children’s hearts a deep commitment to be your disciples and in turn give them a desire to make disciples? Give them a passion for seeing the lost found, broken restored, and the wounded made whole. We pray our children would be bearers of good news. May your kingdom come in our children’s lives, our families, our communities, and around the world!  Help us to hold them lightly and give them freely to your service. Amen.


How are you teaching your children to value the gospel and live on mission for Jesus? Tell us how we can join you in praying with you for your child.


I love a good conversation! Share your thoughts and let's get one started!

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