Let’s Pray For Our Kids

It’s Thursday, time to pray together for our kids! I forgot it was Thursday because last night we moved into our new house. Boxes teeter precariously around me. Rain is falling, again, as it has all week. The kids are playing beautifully with rediscovered treasures. I’m tired. But I’m home.

W Orange house

The excitement, and fatigue, of moving into a new house fills me with a spiderweb of emotions. Once again I think of one of my favorite verses. Psalm 90:1, “Lord, through all the generations you have been our home!”

These sweet words offered up by Moses to his ever present, faithful God resonate in my heart. Whether this is my last move or just a resting place for a few years ultimately the security my heart seeks is found in God. Our hearts are made with a homing beacon. We try to make all sorts of places and people our home, but only the person of Jesus ushers us into our true home, the heart of God.

Will you join me in praying that as our children grow up they will discover they were made to dwell, to make their home, in the heart of God?

Father, thank you for providing for us the perfect place of rest, of living, of being in your own heart. For the generations before us and after us you have called your loved ones to be at home in you. Will you call to our children, call them to be at home in your heart. Will you empower us, Father, to set the example of living at peace, being at home, in you. Teach our children to abide. Teach them the comfort of resting in you. We trust that whatever life holds for our little ones they will always find a place of safety and welcome in your great heart. Thank you God. Amen.

Do you feel restless in this world? Have you found God to be your home? How are you teaching your children to make God their home?


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