Giving the Gift of Legacy for my Birthday

W Orange houseToday is my birthday. Today I’m moving. Not into the house we hoped to already own. We’re moving our belongings into a shed, ourselves into a temporary place, and waiting until the paperwork is finally done and we can close on our very first home.

I find it ironic to be experiencing yet another move on my birthday. My life has been filled to the brim with relocations. This move signifies a new season in my life. Owning a home, the hope of roots and raising kids in stability. But it’s not lost on me that we’re still doing it the hard way, we still have the taste of temporary on our tongues.

I can’t say I’m sorry. It’s another opportunity to remember that through “every generation, Lord you have been our home.” (Ps. 90:1) I don’t want to forget it and I don’t want my kids to forget that for the generations before them and the generations to come, God himself is the dwelling place for the hearts of those who trust in him. That’s amazing!

So as I pack my bags and head for a temporary location, again, not knowing if we will move into our home before I leave the country in three weeks, I rest my heart in my true home, Jesus. I can’t be frustrated or nervous, because I’ve boxed up my abundance, hugged my healthy children, and at the end of the day the hope of my very own house waits for me.

I’m mindful of the mama’s who will never have a home, who wrestle with poverty or displacement. Who rock their babies to sleep praying to a god who can’t hear and has no power. She wonders how she will feed her child in the morning and hopes for another day.

No, you won’t hear me utter a word of complaint. I’m thankful. I’m grabbing hold of the opportunity to teach my children truth. That we are blessed, and that we were made for a perfect home that will never disappoint.

I don’t want to hide from them the reality that this world can never truly satisfy them, that’s why we long for a new one, or that there are hurting people in the world and we have so much to be thankful for.

Today I want to celebrate my birthday by drawing my little ones close and teaching what I’ve learned. Life is a breath, mercy is free, we are rich, so very loved, we rest on the promise of home, this world is not enough but Jesus is, and we have all we need to travel well when we trust.

What truths are passing on to your children? Do you show them the suffering of the world and talk about the need to be thankful for the gifts in their lives?

Share with us how you have taught your children to have grateful hearts and trust in Jesus.


4 thoughts on “Giving the Gift of Legacy for my Birthday

  1. Good morning, Beck! Well, it’s morning here in the NW. Sending birthday wishes for a happy day and a happy move. I know you’ve waited a long time for this your very own home and I know that the Lord is blessing you as you move toward this special time. From the very smallest child, we can teach gratitude in simple ways — saying thank you for kindnesses shown, saying thank you to them for little things, giving thanks at meal time, and thanking God for each and every day as we lay our heads to rest. Trust is a little harder, but that can be taught by being able to be trusted ourselves by our children. Doing what we say we will do with them or for them builds that layer of trust, setting Jesus’ example before them. Again, birthday wishes and love!

    • Thank you Sherrey. I like that reminder of being trustworthy to help our children understand God can be trusted. That’s challenging but so important. Thank you for the birthday wishes. Hope you are well.

  2. I especially appreciate this thought of legacy today, following Grandpa’s birthday yesterday. I was thinking about what I remembered of him, what of him lived on in his family, his legacy to future generations. There is some good I know, but sadly what sticks out that I see perpetuated amongst his sons and daughters and grandchildren is argumentativeness, ” I’ll have the last word statements”, being right at the cost of fracturing hearts and relationships, plain old grumpy meanness for the sake of attention. I never believed his kindness because his crabbiness always prevailed. I pray that the negative aspects of his legacy stop with me and a new one is born in my children.

    • Those words sting a little and offer a good warning. Every life can be learned from, some are positive lessons some are negative. I agree, I fight the pugnacious, crabby attitude. I want to leave a positive memory not a sharp, unpleasant one also. Good goal for the new year, working toward peaceful, affirming, loving relationships and home.

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