Let’s Pray for our Kids

Mamas is there one of you that isn’t frazzled, at least occasionally? Or has had a sleepless night once in a while worrying about those babies you’ve been blessed with? Me too.

The best tool in a mama belt is prayer. When armed with it we can bless our children, wield it as a powerful weapon against enemy assault, and demonstrate to little lives that we trust God so much we’re willing to put them in his hands.

Powerful I tell you!

So let’s take a moment today and march with a bold yet humble confidence to the throne of grace, our babies in tow, and talk to our Father about them.


Our Gracious Father, we come in humble reliance on you, knowing it’s you that holds our children’s lives. We pray that you will be their El Shaddai, the powerful God who sustains, the One who gives them life.

Help us to instruct them in your ways, teaching them to build their lives on the foundation of your character and your word.

In your graciousness, when we are unable to help our children, will you be their help, the One who comes when they call.

For our small children teach them you are a big God who can be trusted. And for our big ones reveal yourself as their stronghold in the challenges of their life.

We trust you with our kids. Help us set the example of faith in your bigness, goodness, enoughness. We worship you. Amen.

Every Thursday I’ll be sharing a prayer, based on scripture and the nature of God, that we can pray for our kids. I hope you’ll join me here every Thursday for prayer time. Why not follow this blog so you won’t miss out on our times together!

As a community let’s join in supporting each other in prayer. Share with us a specific prayer request for your child or children and we would be honored to join you in praying for them.


I love a good conversation! Share your thoughts and let's get one started!

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